As the Communications Director at a large downtown church for 10 years, Jeanie was always aware of surrounding safety concerns. A Federal building, homeless outreach shelter, and entertainment district were all within one block. But it wasn't until mass shootings increased at a rapid rate that the taboo topic of safety planning (especially in a place that proclaims "All Are Welcome") became an open and real conversation.

Jeanie formed St. David's first Safety Task Force team and led a year-long effort to increase safety and awareness for St. David's staff, volunteers and parishioners. Communication is key in a process like this, especially when it involves change and the implementation of new policies. While volunteer committees mean well, often the work reaches a certain point then stalls out. At the same time, staff and clergy are already stretched thin keeping up with daily responsibilities. This is why GCC is committed to overseeing your entire planning process and offers the following services:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Policy Implementation

  • Staff and Volunteer Training

  • Safety Drills

  • Employee Safety Manuals

  • Volunteer Guides and Procedures

  • Mass Communication Notifications

  • Crisis Communication Planning

  • Training Videos

  • Annual Reviews

Safety planning makes up the consulting part of GCC, and it comes from an authentic place of protecting ourselves and those we serve while also honoring our continued call to be a place of welcome for all God’s children.

This process begins with a consultation, followed by the creation of a safety planning package tailored to your church and budget. GCC is skilled at working with your already existing staff, safety team, or hired security to best meet your needs.

"Jeanie has been an invaluable gift to us at St. David's. Having a professional of her caliber guide our efforts to create a parish-wide safety plan has been a great decision. Her wealth of knowledge, research and resources allowed us to ask all the important questions and helped us have an organized way to address complex issues. From the smallest detail to large, theological implications, Jeanie's counsel was thorough and sensitive." 

The Rev. Chuck Treadwell, St. David's Episcopal Church


"Venturing into the world of security for our church setting, we found a great partner in Jeanie Garrett.  Her personal church experience coupled with intentional study, conversation and research in an area of great interest and concern for congregants, led us down the path that worked best for our community and for the personalities on our task force. Jeanie is a great listener, collaborator and leads the team according to what they need. She maintained copious records and kept us on track with our timeline as she helped us develop our security plan."

Dave Ballbach, Director of Operations, First United Methodist Church