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Jeanie's new book - Open Arms, Safe Comm

Jeanie's experience creating security plans and working with task forces revealed that many houses of worship face similar struggles when doing this work. While vast amounts of resources and information are available on how to create a plan, the content is scattered and takes a great amount of time to pull together and organize. Furthermore, Jeanie couldn't find any resources that included the theology and discernment used when making important decisions about guns in church, police-presence and video surveillance. What do these things mean in today's world of increasing choas and political divide, and how do we apply our faith to these conversations?  

As divine intervention would have it (because writing a book was not on her bucket list), Jeanie began working with Church Publishing on a book that addresses: 

  • Why church security and safety plans are needed

  • How different faith traditions wrestle with the call to protect while also welcoming

  • How our changing world has shifted our outlook on tangible and intangible threats and the need to secure establishments


With several chapters dedicated to making your own plan, Open Arms, Safe Communities will help you tackle the challenges of creating a plan for your church home with thought, insight and confidence. 

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We want our church doors open to everyone, absolutely everyone. So how did we wind up with 6 armed police officers at our door on Christmas Eve 2015? Balancing issues of safety and welcome, and looking at the theology involved in making practical and faithful decisions is the subject of Jeanie Garrett’s Open Arms, Safe Communities, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The Very Rev. Lucinda Laird, Dean

The American Cathedral in Paris

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