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As the Communications Director at St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin, Jeanie formed her first Safety Task Force and led a year-long effort to increase safety and awareness for staff, volunteers and parishioners. During this process she learned some important things. First, effective and strategic communication is key when implementing change and new policies. Second, volunteer committees mean well but often reach a certain point then stall out. Meanwhile, staff and clergy are already stretched thin keeping up with daily responsibilities and there are simply not enough hands to get all the work done.

Inspired by her call to serve in this capacity, Jeanie included this in Grace Communications and Consulting's strategic communication services. Led by her experience, strong organizational skills and the ability to see a project through from start to finish, Grace Communications and Consulting is committed to overseeing your entire planning process and offers the following services:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Policy Implementation

  • Staff and Volunteer Training

  • Safety Drills

  • Creation of Employee Safety Manuals and Volunteer Guides

  • Implementation of Mass Communication Systems

  • Crisis Communication Planning

  • Active Shooter Presentation (CRASE)

  • Guidance for Federal Grant Funding

  • Annual Reviews

This process begins with a consultation, followed by the creation of a safety planning package tailored for your place of worship and budget. Grace Communications and Consulting is skilled at working with your existing staff, safety team and hired security.


In-person and remote services are available, as well as a stand-alone consultation

and workshop sessions.


Jeanie has been an invaluable gift to us at St. David's. Having a professional of her caliber guide our efforts to create a parish-wide safety plan has been a great decision. Her wealth of knowledge, research and resources allowed us to ask all the important questions and helped us have an organized way to address complex issues. From the smallest detail to large, theological implications, Jeanie's counsel was thorough and sensitive.

The Rev. Chuck Treadwell, Rector

St. David's Episcopal Church


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